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RSPB Calls On Govt To Commit To Renewable Energy

Posted: 16/10/2016

Charity the RSPB has called on the government to make a renewed commitment to renewable energy, welcoming the proposal to extend Whitehall’s powers to fund this into the 2020s.

The RSPB does support large-scale expansion of renewable energy across the UK if it has been carefully planned, although it will resist any proposals that are likely to have an unacceptable impact on wildlife.

It has been highlighted within a 2050 Energy Vision report that maps out how the UK can deliver on its climate targets by using renewable energy without putting sensitive habitats and species at risk. The conclusion was drawn that renewable energy should be prioritised and growth in solar, onshore and offshore renewables be continued, as well as trying to reduce energy demand.

This comes as a government consultation on whether support for renewable projects should continue past 2020 comes to a close. Although the government has made cuts to onshore wind and solar, it has intimated that further support will be available for offshore wind and other less established technologies.

“There is also an exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of innovative technologies like floating wind turbines, if we seize the opportunity now, and make sure we invest in understanding the impacts of those technologies so they can be rolled out in harmony with nature,” Melanie Coath of the RSPB said.

Earlier this month, a judge agreed to uphold a challenge from the charity against consent for turbines in some parts of Scotland after the RSPB argued that such operations could have massive implications for local wildlife.

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