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Renewable Energy Support Reaches 79%

Posted: 21/06/2017

Support for renewable energy use from the British public is now at 79 per cent, according to official government statistics, revealing that opposition is also very low at just four per cent. What’s more, just one per cent of the population is strongly opposed to the use of renewable resources for energy.

When asked about the development of renewable energy, some 77 per cent of people agreed that they should offer direct benefits to local communities, while 70 per cent said renewable industries should also provide economic benefits to the UK as a whole. And 58 per cent said they’d be happy to see a large-scale renewable development in their local area.

Support for this kind of energy was found to be highest among those with incomes above £35,000, in social grade AB or those aged between 55 and 64. It was lowest among people in social grade DE, those over the age of 65 and social renters.

Emma Pinchbeck, Executive Director with RenewableUK, commented on the findings, saying: ““The public is well aware that home-grown renewables provide clean and affordable energy for the future, along with huge economic benefits to local communities.”

Interestingly, the UK has just recorded its very first day of being powered without the use of coal (the first such day since the beginning of the industrial revolution), another indication that renewable energy sources are gaining momentum. The government is keen to phase out coal-fired power stations come the year 2025 to cut overall carbon emission.

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