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Questions Raised Over Bouncy Castle Safety

Posted: 25/07/2018

It’s the worst case scenario for any emergency response procedures, with the UK experiencing warmer weather for the past month or so, more and more stories in the media about accidents involving inflatables being used by children, some parents have called for a temporary ban, while further investigations are made.

There have been instances in the past, tragic incidents involving children while having fun on bouncy castles and similar devices and with these past examples of incidents linked to inflatables, questions have now been raised over their safety, according to the BBC.

It’s estimated that inflatables are used 23 million times a year in the UK alone, however, Mark Jerram, founder of The British Inflatable Hirers Alliance, said that it was important to make a distinction between a ‘bouncy castle’ and the ‘inflatable trampoline’ involved in a recent high-profile incident.

The Health and Safety Executive website does note that incidents on inflatable play devices are not uncommon and that quality, and how well they’re maintained and operated, can be quite varied.

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