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Orsted Installs 1,000th Offshore Wind Turbine In UK

Posted: 21/07/2021

Categories: HFR Solutions Training Centre

Danish offshore wind developer Orsted has reached a landmark moment in UK wind energy as it unveiled the finished construction of its 1,000th offshore turbine in UK waters.

Offshore Engineer reports that the landmark construction forms part of the company’s existing Hornsea Two development off the East Yorkshire coast, and furthermore, this particular turbine installation was number 126 of what will eventually be 165 Siemens Gamesa turbines at this development, which once completed will be the world’s leading wind farm.

Orsted has been creating wind farms in UK waters since 2004, and its installations now account for almost half of all the wind developments in the country.

The milestone also marks a positive step forward for the UK’s production of renewables, and there is the promise of more to come, bringing potential further benefits for everything from green job creation to lower energy bills.

Duncan Clark, Orsted's regional head, praised the success of the project: “This is a significant milestone for the company, the industry and the UK’s journey to a cleaner energy system.

“The UK is the world leader in offshore wind, with the largest installed capacity and projects like Hornsea Two, are helping the country to make significant strides towards the government’s legally binding net-zero targets.”

He explained that the transformation witnessed since the first offshore wind installations is ‘nothing short of incredible’, and that wind turbines have doubled in size, while the cost of the electricity generated has halved.

When Hornsea Two is completed in 2022, he added, Orsted’s fleet of offshore wind farms will have the capacity to generate enough clean electricity to provide power to more than 5.5 million UK homes. Currently, Orsted’s installations provide enough energy to power more than 4.2 million homes a year, from its 12 competed UK offshore wind farms.

Business & Energy Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng also echoed these sentiments when speaking about the project, saying that with the largest installed capacity in the world, it will cement the UK’s position as a true world-leader in offshore wind.

He added that Orsted’s significant contribution will not only support the UK government’s climate commitments but will also demonstrate how far the country has progressed in offshore wind in the last 15 years, providing cheap, clean energy to tens of thousands of homes, while also creating and supporting good quality jobs.

As well as the benefits gained from green energy production and reduction of emissions and reliance on fossil fuels, the increased production of wind energy will lead to increased choices for consumers when it comes to energy tariffs

Also, surplus amounts of energy from the increased production will see wholesale energy prices decrease, leading to cheaper bills for consumers.

Many energy suppliers in the UK already have green energy deals on offer, and many of the leading energy providers have tariffs that feature 100 per cent renewable electricity, or at least a greener fuel mix.


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