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Nursing Expertise ‘Paramount’ For Emergency Response Planning

Posted: 12/12/2016

Organisations in the UK have been advised to ensure that nurses are included at the early stages of emergency response planning, as well as during the exercise or event itself.

Writing for Nursing Times, Joanne Bosanquet, deputy chief nurse for Public Health England, explained that nurses and midwives – of which there are 19.7 million worldwide – have the desirable skills and expertise that are required to help deal with health emergencies.

“Learning lessons and engaging in the recovery phase is as important as the actual event itself. Rebuilding, restoring and rehabilitating are vital parts of the process and this is a key area where nurses have a crucial role,” she wrote, adding that where global health crises are concerned health professionals are required who have good leadership and planning skills, as well as more technical and specialist attributes.

Ms Bosanquet went on to advise nurses to try and get involved, whether that’s by volunteering through The British Red Cross or through their local Resilience Forum, or by getting in touch with their emergency planning officer at work.

It could certainly be worth speaking to nurses on site to gather their views and opinions on disaster response matters to see what they can bring to the table. As they say, a fresh eye never hurts and the more people involved at the beginning the better, surely.

If you need further advice and information on how to go about preparing and planning for emergencies, whatever they may be, get in touch with us here at HFR Solutions CIC to see how we can help make your business a safer place in which to work today.