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Nottingham Forest’s City Ground Faces Reduced Capacity Over Safety Fears

Posted: 27/07/2016

Nottinghamshire County Council is taking emergency preparedness procedures at Nottingham Forest City’s grounds very seriously by reducing its capacity due to health and safety concerns. The local authority has limited its capacity to 80 per cent of its maximum number, which means only 24,357 football fans will be able to watch games at the premises, a reduction of over 6,000 people. 

However, this is far better than earlier in the month when the council reduced the capacity to zero due to the fact that the football club did not have a safety certificate holder.

As the local authority still has concerns, full capacity has not returned to the Nottingham Forest City ground, with Robert Fisher, Group Manager for Emergency Planning and Registration at the council, saying its priority “is to ensure the safety of spectators at Nottinghamshire sports grounds”. 

The football team has now hired someone to take on the role of safety certificate holder, but Nottinghamshire County Council’s concerns remain.

Mr Fisher stated: “We require evidence to demonstrate that safety matters are discussed in senior management meetings at the club. We also await an action plan for improvements to the facilities for visiting disabled spectators.”

Nottingham Forest don't have long to get their grounds back to full capacity, with the first game of the season taking place in less than two weeks on August 6th. Forest will play Burton Albion at the city’s grounds, with tickets currently being sold to both sides.