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Not All Safety-Critical Maintenance Carried Out By Oil And Gas Firms

Posted: 11/10/2018

A survey of over 100 leaders in the oil and gas industry has revealed upto one-quarter of scheduled safety-critical maintenance in high-hazard oil and gas processes maybe missed.

The Petrotechnics report revealed that just 73 per cent of this kind of maintenance is undertaken each month, while 22 per cent of those who responded stated that they don’t think it’s practical to carry out all of the planned safety-critical maintenance, the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) magazine reported.

The survey also asked why so much safety-critical maintenance was being missed, and 75 per cent stated that it was due to conflicting priorities.

Just over half (52 per cent) said that there was “resource tension” between safety-related work and other capital project allocation.

Head of Professional Services at Petrotechnics, and the report’s author Simon Jones commented: “With less budget and staff available, firms are facing difficult decisions about which tasks to complete and when.”

Among the challenges cited by respondents to delivering effective process safety were developing a safety culture (46 per cent), as well as training and competency deficiencies (34 per cent) and a lack of leadership support (30 per cent). 

It seems that more firms in this area would benefit from investing in emergency preparedness and response training, as well as other planning, preparation and training to help develop that safety culture that seems to be lacking.

Last month, a leading offshore company was fined for health and safety failings after three employees were injured in 2014.

The organisation was fined £60,000 and criticised for failing to carry out correct control measures and safe working practices.