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New Offshore Wind Projects Announced

Posted: 27/06/2017

GWO working at heights training will surely be in demand within the Aberdeen area in the near future, as a new economic and environmental research project is due to be started there.

The multi-million pound project will be look at how the turbines impact the life cycles of dolphins, sea trout and salmon.

This project has been partly funded by the European Union, and it is being operated by Vattenfall which is owned by the Swedish government.

There are going to be four projects to initially receive funding to look into the movements and breeding habits of wildlife as well as a look into the impact that offshore wind has on the human environment.

These will be carried out by Oxford Brookes University, MacArthur Green, SMRU Consulting and the University of St Andrews, The River Dee Trust and Marine Scotland Science.

Adam Ezzamel, the centre's Project Director, told the BBC: "The announcement of these successful projects, including three in Scotland, is an exciting one with each having the potential to unlock fascinating new insights into the offshore wind environment and determine influencing environmental factors.

"We are pleased to be facilitating such innovative research in the north-east which will bring considerable benefits to the region as well as the industry and policy-making."

Costing a total of €3 million, the project received over 100 applications from 16 institutions across the UK, with pitches to carry out separate investigations to discover the impact of offshore wine energy.

Scotland is now second in the world for producing wind energy, just behind Denmark.