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New GWO Training Standards Set For 2019

Posted: 04/02/2019

If you work in the offshore wind sector, you’ll well know the challenges faced by people in this industry. It’s vital that all of your team keep their competencies, skills and training up to date, especially as new technology is introduced and developed.

Global Wind Organisation (GWO) announced recently that it will be introducing new training standards for blade repair technicians, as well as other members of staff later this year.

The organisation also revealed that it will be issuing updates to the basic safety training (BST) and basic technical training (BTT) modules during 2019.

Jakob Lau Holst, CEO of GWO, said that the coming 12 months are set to be exciting for those operating in the wind energy sector.

“There will be a mixture of projects reaching completion - like the Blade Repair standard - and exciting new projects, such as the new Slinger Signaller standard,” he elaborated.

Mr Lau Holst added that GWO’s members have identified roughly 60 individual training certificates that are given to those carrying out slinger signalling work. This means that each employer has to validate and quality check a range of qualifications.

The aim with the new GWO training is to “create a single, mutually recognised standard wherever possible”, he revealed, while acknowledging that the 60 or more certificates currently in existence for those carrying out this role “probably represent good quality training”. 

It’s never a bad idea to assess and review the qualifications and training of your teams in an offshore wind environment and maintain current on any GWO courses updates where necessary.

With the amount of the UK’s electricity generated by renewable sources, including offshore wind, hitting its highest level ever in 2018, it’s likely that the workforce in the renewable sector is set to grow as we move towards even more renewable energy generation.