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Met Office Emergency Response Warnings To Change

Posted: 21/03/2018

Emergency response training was put through its paces a couple of weeks ago when the Beast from the East caused disruption and closures throughout the UK.

It is a shame that our country still struggles as it does whenever there is the slightest bit of snow fall, but it is a great opportunity to put our emergency response skills into practice.

The way that we will approach weather emergencies is set to change however, with the Met Office announcing that is going to change the warning system it uses to alert emergency services and the general public about potentially severe or disruptive weather.

At the moment the Met Office uses a yellow, amber and red warning system (the Beast from the East saw a number of amber warnings across parts of the UK). This is set to remain the same but the Met Office is due to expand the number of types of weather it will use the warning system for.

The Met Office will now offer warnings for thunderstorms and lightning for the first time.

A spokesman said: "We have implemented a range of improvements to the way we produce, disseminate and communicate warnings." 

There will also be changes to the language that the Met Office uses to communicate the warnings to the emergency services and the general public and they will issue them with more warning potentially. At the moment the met office issues the weather warnings no more than five days in advance, but this will change to seven.