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Londoners To Receive Terror Alerts On Mobile Phones?

Posted: 17/11/2016

In a bid to boost London’s emergency preparedness in the event of a terrorist attack, Lord Toby Harris of Haringey has been carrying out an independent strategic review of the city to find out how to improve the capital’s resources and readiness in this regard.

Lord Harris’s review recommends that a pilot of a new public alert system be rolled out in the city so that people can be advised of any major terrorist attacks via messages sent directly to their mobile phones.

Other suggestions contained within the review include installing CCTV on all mainline and underground trains, strengthening security measures along the River Thames, and police and security services working increasingly alongside local authorities and businesses to provide better information on how terrorist attacks can be prevented, as well as what to do if an incident occurs.

“A serious terrorist attack remains highly possible and we cannot be complacent. London needs to become a city where security and resilience is designed in and is part of the city’s fabric, and where everyone who lives and works here sees security and resilience as their responsibility just as much as it is for the emergency services and civic authorities,” Lord Harris went on to say.

The National Counter Terrorism Security Office has lots of guidance online to help businesses and members of the general public stay safe at this time and in the future. Have a read if you want to find out more about planning for a terrorist incident and what action you should take if something does occur.