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Local Volunteers Complete Payback Of Welsh Wind Turbine

Posted: 16/03/2018

Sometimes a little bit of drive, enthusiasm and energy can help community projects turn into reality, this is evidenced by a volunteer group in the county of Carmarthenshire may have changed the game by buying their local wind turbine.

The social enterprise, called Carmarthenshire Energy, was set up six years ago to work within the community to address and reduce the cost of energy for local people, working all profits back into the community to

improve its green credentials and end fuel poverty.

The group had been looking to construct their own wind turbine, however, could not get planning

permission, when they heard about a local turbine that was to be sold to an international investor. In a gutsy David versus Goliath move, the group intervened and were able to make an offer on the turbine, if they could come up with £1.7 million within three weeks.

The Welsh government loaned the cooperative over three quarters of a million at commercial rates, and alongside a community development loan and shares offered to investors, the group managed to raise the money in time to make the purchase. The turbine has been generating electricity since May 2016. 

This week, the payback of loan to the government was finally completed, according to Wales Online, and profits from the turbine will now be funneled into new carbon energy projects.

However, the group has warned that new projects may not enjoy the same success as them, as while they receive 18p per unit of electricity, new projects may only receive 3p thanks to new FIT rules.

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