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Lack Of Emergency Planning To Blame For Salford Flood Disaster

Posted: 19/10/2016

A severe flood hit residents in Salford last year on Boxing Day and a report into the incident has revealed a lack of a disaster recovery plan and inaccurate information given out contributed towards the event.

The Salford City Council’s 48-page report highlights the problems that hit Lower Broughton during the heavy rains, saying some vulnerable people were left to cope by themselves without any help, the Salford Star revealed.

It stated: “The limited numbers of emergency service officers in the borough hindered the decision to evacuate areas.”

Therefore, the report acknowledged the number of staff available for out-of-hours services was insufficient in emergencies, and there was not an adequate volunteers list for the council to access in cases of this nature.

It also conceded there were not enough warnings issued to the public, as a result of the rapid changes to the forecast and the speed at which the floods occurred. However, more resources should have been made available.

Most significantly, the local authority concluded: “The incident has highlighted the lack of dedicated emergency planning resources within the council.”

The Boxing Day floods had a disastrous impact on Lower Broughton, flooding more than 2,250 homes and 500 businesses in the area. In addition to this, over 31,200 properties lost power supplies.

Victims of the floods can access government funding of up to £5,000, with 53 households having already received £265,000 in grants. However, as many as 250 homes have not come forward to apply for their finance, and the council estimates the damage to local infrastructure has totalled in excess of £11.5 million, as a result of the floods.