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International Disaster Response Expo 2018: November 28th-29th

Posted: 11/03/2018

Emergency response teams in the UK keen to ensure they’re as prepared as they can be to tackle any and all eventualities may feel it would be worthwhile to send representatives to a new exhibition and conference taking place between November 28th and 29th this year.

The International Disaster Response Expo will take place at Olympia in London, co-located within the International Security Expo. The event recognises the unique position of the UK with regards to the global disaster response scene as one of the few countries to meet its obligation to spend 0.7 per cent of gross national income on foreign aid.

The UK itself is viewed as a centre of excellence for international disaster response procedures, plans, techniques and technologies. As such, experts from the UK as well as around the world will converge on the capital to share insights and gain a further understanding of what is most effective, so that best practice ideas can be debated and delivered.

Not only that but the Expo will showcase many of the technological solutions and innovations that make first responder tasks possible, as well as allowing disaster responses to be quicker and more effective.

Former UK government minister, and chair of the Expo, Admiral Lord West commented it’s “about time” that a platform was launched to show the work that’s being done in this area for the global good.

The organisers of the event noted that the biggest threat and the one likely to kill and injure the most people this year is manmade and natural disasters. Mass population movement as seen in Syria, Iraq and Myanmar, and natural disasters caused by tsunamis, disease, earthquakes, volcanos and the weather, will trump the damage caused from other threats.

The event itself will be free to attend, with conference and technology workshops taking place. More than 4,000 visitors have been forecast to attend, with more than 2,500 international buyers and influencers attracted to the event as well.

A series of conferences will also be a feature, with themes including the UK’s capability to support international disasters, practical responses to major disasters, pre-planning and disaster preparedness, funding and economic fallout of a major disaster, the impact of mass immigration, keeping corruption and abuse out of disaster response, the role of the media and the importance of messaging, returning to a new normality, lessons learned from international disasters, and predicting the next major disaster.

This will be the first event to bring together a full cross sector audience to enable shared learning and collaboration between non-government organisations, charities, aid agencies and government, as well as key stakeholders like law enforcement, military, search and rescue, the private sector, consultants and more.

It could certainly be worth attending if you and your company want to find out more about both natural and manmade disasters, and ensure that you feel confident that you’d be able to react in an appropriate way no matter what takes place.