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HSE Warns Farmers About Work-Related Risks

Posted: 23/04/2019

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is warning farmers around the UK to be extra careful when undertaking work to avoid preventable injuries when handling livestock.

Inspectors from the organisation will be visiting farms to ascertain whether safety precautions are being followed, and may use enforcement on those who are following health and safety practices, Dorset Echo reported.

HSE’s Head of Agriculture Andrew Turner commented: “We must not become complacent and accept this as the norm. Farmers should plan their work, know the risks and use the right controls to ensure that everyone can go home healthy from their work.”

The campaign has been launched due to 33 people being killed in agriculture throughout Britain over the past year, with eight of these deaths on farms in cattle-related incidents.

Mr Turner stated: “The industry needs to realise that death, injuries and cases of ill-health are not an inevitable part of training and can be prevented.”

To support farmers learn and understand what risks are present, the HSE has produced a guide entitled What A Good Farm Looks Like. This will give them information about keeping their facility safe; how to use heavy machinery carefully; maintaining safety when working on fragile roofs; and ensuring children on the farm are safe at all times.

Inspectors will also be informing farmers about proper handling facilities, culling policies for temperamental animals, and how to train workers appropriately.

There are many risks to consider when on a farm, from working with animals or at height to operating vehicles. That is why it is essential for farmers to have an emergency preparation plan so they can act quickly and safely if a dangerous incident occurs.