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HSE Launches Programme To Improve Workplace Health & Safety

Posted: 23/05/2018

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is raising awareness of improving health and safety standards in the workplace with its new Discovering Safety programme.

Together with the Lloyd’s Register Foundation and supported by the Thomas Ashton Institute, the HSE is running the ambitious project to find a pattern in health and safety challenges, and identify what improvements could be made.

Dr Ruth Boumphrey, Director of Research at Lloyd’s Register Foundation, commented: “Everybody deserves to be safe at work. This programme will help us learn lessons from data and share knowledge between industries and across international borders.”

She added that the more information they gather, the safer employees will be.

As part of the Discovering Safety initiative, questions will be raised regarding safety issues, particularly in poorer or developing countries, in the hope of developing new and improved procedures.

Data analysts will look at the information gathered very thoroughly and apply the findings to better health and safety education, training, tools, services and initiatives.

Professor Andrew Curran, Chief Scientific Adviser at the HSE, added that the programme would “move us closer” to the goal of having no workers harmed during the making of a new product or service.

Earlier this month, the HSE focused its attention on offshore oil and gas production. The organisation contacted all North Sea operators in an attempt to reduce the number of hydrocarbon releases (HCR) or oil and gas leaks, as they are a “key hazard management issue”.

Various sites with credible risks should have emergency response teams based at the scene and an emergency response plan in place should a HCR occur.