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HFR Solutions CIC – deliver combined GWO (ART) and (EFAR) training standards in one-week training program

Posted: 18/03/2020

Categories: Offshore Wind & Renewables, Press Releases

Humber-based Community Interest Company HFR Solutions CIC – which helps organisations improve safety through the delivery of emergency management solutions and the preparation for and response to emergencies, is the first GWO training provider, based in the Humber region to deliver the new combined GWO Advanced Rescue (ART) and GWO Enhanced First Aid Refresher (EFAR) training standards in one single week course to the offshore wind industry.

Several offshore wind farms are being located at increased distances from the shoreline, therefore industry associations such as RUK (Renewables UK) and GWO (Global Wind Organisation) have recognised that contractors and employees working offshore face unique safety challenges. These challenges include the increased medical response time for attending the scene of a casualty, a need for an increased level of first aid provision and offshore teams having easy access to advanced first aid equipment.

As a direct result, the industry is placing a greater level of importance on remote medicine and the ability to deliver advanced first aid, lifesaving competencies and sustaining life at an offshore and remote location. This will ensure offshore teams can demonstrate advanced first aid skills. 

The three-day Advanced Rescue (ART) Course aims to empower and provide delegates with the competency, skills and practical knowledge to access and rescue an injured person from various parts of a wind turbine, whereas the Enhanced First Aid Refresher (EFAR) course focuses on the delivery of advanced first aid techniques such as advanced airway management, advanced trauma, oxygen therapy, pain relief, medical emergencies and practical packaging skills. 

Nick Granger, Managing Director, HFR Solutions CIC, commented “With our record in the delivery of innovative solutions for the renewables sector, dating back to Project Boy Scout which focused on the level of emergency preparedness and response required at offshore wind farms as well as the development of advanced medical response (under the URIECA brand) and clinical governance. This has resulted in various operators in the sector improving safety standards, developing better emergency management procedures for managing incidents and ensuring responders hold the required competencies.

“We are delighted to remain at the forefront of advanced training standards for this sector, with the delivery of the new combined GWO Advanced Rescue (ART) and Enhanced First Aid Refresher (EFAR) course.”  

HFR Solutions brand new mobile training units

Very shortly, we will be able to deliver this combined certified course at a customer’s premises or contractor’s site using our brand new state-of-the-art mobile training units, which has already been certified by the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) as a mobile training facility.

For further information on both GWO Advanced Rescue (ART) and GWO Enhanced First Aid Refresher (EFAR) courses delivered by HFR Solutions and our new mobile training facilities, please contact us on 01482 398521.