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Has Storm Angus Made You Think About Emergency Preparedness?

Posted: 22/12/2016

The first named storm of the season recently hit UK shores last month (November), and Storm Angus certainly left a fair amount of destruction in its wake, with heavy downpours and strong winds experienced during the past week.

Gusts of over 80mph hit the south of the UK over the past week, with some areas experiencing nearly one month’s worth of rain in just 48 hours. There were power cuts and flooding throughout the country as Storm Angus made its way northward.

Flooding affected various counties such as Devon and Dorset with the Environment Agency issuing 28 flood warnings, where water entered properties. Homes and businesses from Devon and Dorset up to the Midlands and the north-east of the UK were subject to flood warnings during the past week.

As well as damage to property, the rail network was also affected, with rail operator GWR advising passengers to avoid even trying to reach Devon or Cornwall by train due to flooding on its lines.

Ben Bradshaw, Labour MP for Exeter, told the Guardian that he was frustrated by the lack of investment in the South-West’s rail network. “Our infrastructure has been shown to be unequal to the task of keeping things moving and functioning on what are becoming much more regular weather events,” he stated.

Whether your business has been affected by Storm Angus or escaped unscathed, now is a sensible time to assess your company’s emergency preparedness and response, and to make sure you have appropriate plans in place to deal with incidents of this nature.