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Fire Safety Standards To Be Addressed With New Coalition

Posted: 13/11/2018

A new International Fire Safety Standards (IFSS) Coalition has been set up to help devise landmark industry standards to address the issue of fire safety in buildings around the world.

Despite the fact that the property market has become more and more international, a consistent set of standards has yet to be finalised to help inform the design, construction and management of buildings in order to focus on fire safety risks.

There is still uncertainty and confusion, as well as risk to members of the general public, surrounding this issue because of disparities between national building regulations, differences in materials testing and certification, and standards relating how to manage buildings in use. 

Global Building Standards Director with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Gary Strong commented: “All over the world we see the need for more high-rise structures, some residential, some commercial and some mixed-use buildings, particularly with increased urbanisation in cities.

“Our concern is not with the height of these buildings but with the risks they pose in the absence of a coherent and harmonised approach to setting global standards in fire safety. The effort by the IFSS Coalition aims to address this concern and bring together the design, construction and management aspects of ensuring fire safety of building assets in the public interest.”

The Coalition itself was launched back in July this year. It was noted at the time that the growth in the worldwide population means that there is increasing need for high rise living vertical village towers, as well as urban buildings that could pose safety risks. As such, reassurances need to be made that such buildings comply with international fire safety standards.

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