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Falls From Height ‘Need To Be Addressed’ In UK Workplaces

Posted: 26/01/2018

People who have suffered injuries in falls from height, as well as the families of those who have been injured or killed in such accidents, have come together to warn others of the dangers, as well as to encourage companies to have robust health and safety procedures in place to prevent such accidents.

The Mirror highlighted several cases where falls from height have caused life-changing injuries, including that of Richard Coulson, who was paralysed from the chest down after falling through a gap in the first floor of a house that was under construction in 2016.

Mr Coulson revealed that he’s now dependent on the carers who visit him twice a day, adding that if there had been some basic safety equipment in place he would have avoided the accident.

Head of operational strategy at the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Philip White told the newspaper that “more needs to be done” to prevent these kinds of incidents.

“Falls from height devastate families with the resulting injuries often so profound that many people are left permanently disabled, if they’re not killed,” he stated.

Construction is just one of the industries where falls from height can occur. Last month, the HSE launched a new Construction Industry Advisory Network designed to help firms within the sector share examples of good practice.

The hope is that it will also give firms that are struggling a place where they can reach out for help and advice to improve their health and safety practices.

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