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Fall From Height Leaves Construction Worker Paralysed

Posted: 17/03/2017

The importance of undertaking working at height training courses has been emphasised this month (March 7th), with a construction worker suffering spinal cord injuries after a fall that has left him with paralysis.

The company in question had been sub-contracted to lay down some metal deck flooring at a new health centre in Kilsyth, North Lanarkshire, back in April 2015. A scaffolder who was moving scaffolding components around stood on a section of decking that had been put in place by the company and the decking sheet gave way, with the worker falling over four metres to the ground.

He is now paralysed from the neck down as a result. A Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation found that the metal sheets on the first level of the health centre hadn’t been properly secured. What’s more, access to this level of decking wasn’t properly controlled, so non-decking workers were allowed onto the deck.

“This is a tragic incident, which has had a devastating effect on a young man’s life. The accident could have been avoided if appropriate safety precautions had been taken and ensured the decking sheets were properly secured,” HSE Inspector Graeme McMinn commented.


In 2015/2016, almost half of workplace fatal injuries which occurred due to a fall from height were in the construction sector1.

How do we tackle these issues from a safety perspective?

HFR Solutions CIC are using our Community Interest Status –to increase awareness and highlight statistics surrounding fatal injuries and risks within the construction, building, infrastructure, civil engineering and manufacturing sectors for work at height and in confined space. 

We are inviting delegates to an audience with our working at height and confined space specialists2&3.


Wednesday 26th April

8am – 10.30am


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