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Emergency Planning Strategy Needed For Remainder Of Man Engine Tour

Posted: 22/08/2016

The Man Engine Tour has been travelling through the south-west of England, but an emergency response planning meeting has been called to ensure the safety of the unprecedented number of people who have been turning up to see the spectacle.

Crowds have been arriving in their droves to witness the ten-metre high mechanical device, which has been created to honour Cornwall’s mining history.

A spokesperson for the tour told WestBriton.co.uk: “We have had to reconsider our crowd management plans, impact on various aspects of the existing planned events and timings, this means that sadly The Man Engine won’t carry out a procession but he will still transform.”

The huge mechanical puppet of a miner has become popular among crowds for its likeness to Transformer toys, and locals and tourists alike have braved the rain to see the huge structure take to the streets since the tour began last week.

The UK’s largest ever mechanical puppet only has a few more days left of its tour, and on August 4th it appeared in Hayle during the evening, before going to Penzance on Friday, and St Just, Botallack and Geevor on the final day the following Saturday.

While this particular journey has now come to an end, it is important organisers establish safe emergency planning procedures in case crowds are significantly larger than expected or the weather turns particularly bad.

Despite the huge mechanism having been professionally constructed with health and safety in mind, there could still have been dangers if crowd barriers prove inadequate and not strong enough to contain the huge numbers of people; there are not enough security personnel, or contingencies are not in place in case of injuries and incidents.