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Drones Could Improve Oil Rig Safety

Posted: 04/05/2017

Drone technology is fast becoming more widely used as a mainstream tool for various purposes.

Drones have been used for a long time in order to provide surveillance in a number of industries.

Researchers have used them to collect information from parts of the world that are difficult to access, and farmers are using them to survey where their flocks of sheep are in order to save valuable time when herding them.

Now drone-based inspection services could revolutionise safety in the oil industry. Some oil and gas companies such as Eni have already started using unmanned aircraft that inspect the outside of the oil rig, looking for potential problems that could cause health and safety issues.

Whereas once people had to go down themselves to look, now people in the oil industry will be able to review the findings and analyse results provided by drones at a safe location.  

“There’s a huge safety [cost] saving to not having a person dangling off a rope,” James Harrison who has launched Sky-Futures told the Financial Times.

Mr Harrison had seen firsthand how drones had been used to collect information about parts of Iraq and Afghanistan by troops when he was in the army. He then set up the business with two colleagues seven years ago in order to improve the safety of people in the oil and gas industry.

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