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Does Your Business Have A Road Safety Policy In Place?

Posted: 21/07/2017

The importance of road safety policies has been highlighted this month (July 13th), with a new study revealing that 21 per cent of companies in the UK whose employees do have to drive to work don’t have a policy in place. And this is despite the fact that 60 per cent admit that members of staff have been involved in car accidents while out on work-related business.

The TomTom Telematics survey found that four per cent of senior managers in the UK don’t know if their company has a defined policy where this is concerned. And just 57 per cent of businesses offer driving training, while 53 per cent provide driver aids to help employees navigate the roads more safely.

Director of UK & Ireland at TomTom Telematics Beverley Wise commented on the findings, saying: “A best-practice approach is necessary if companies are to effectively safeguard staff and reduce their risk exposure. If the appropriate action is not taken, they could even leave themselves open to prosecution under the Health and Safety at Work Act or Corporate Manslaughter legislation should employees be killed or seriously injured.”

Advice from the Health and Safety Executive to help companies manage work-related road safety includes assessing the risks of this in your organisation, having a health and safety policy that covers vehicle maintenance, journey organisation and driver training, and having adequate systems in place to help you manage road safety effectively.

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