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Could AI Help Keep People Safer On Construction Sites?

Posted: 10/02/2018

We all know that artificial intelligence (AI) is being introduced in various industries and roles to improve efficiencies - and in some cases safer.

Construction Manager Magazine reported that a US firm that has developed software to spot health and safety breaches on construction sites.

Smartvid.io is currently trialing its software with a number of companies in the US. It works by scanning images of construction sites and tagging what it sees in them, including people, different materials, hard hats and ladders, among other things related to site safety.

The idea is that those working in the site safety team can easily search for relevant tags, allowing them to check various projects quickly and easily.

Founder of Smartvid.io Josh Kanner told the news provider that this isn’t about replacing people’s jobs, but about supporting those working in safety roles to ensure they have a comprehensive view of all the sites they’re managing and ultimately improve safety.

“Safety teams are spread too thinly to be proactive on all sites,” he explained. “What we’re doing augments what workers do by giving them ‘superpowers’. Without this technology it would take too long and it just wouldn’t happen,” he added.

Mr Kanner revealed that his company is in talks with a number of UK organisations to bring the AI software to this side of the Atlantic.

While preventing health and safety breaches is vital, it’s also essential that you have robust emergency response plans in place to deal with any problems, should something go wrong.

One area that workplaces in the UK need to make progress on is falls from height, according to the Health and Safety Executive.

These kinds of accidents can have life-changing effects not only on those who are injured, but also on their families. Although progress on reducing these kinds of accidents has been made, more still needs to be done.+