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Can GPS Tracking Support Workplace Safety?

Posted: 13/02/2017

Using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology in the workplace to track and monitor members of staff may be a bit polarising (there are sure to be employees at your place of business that fundamentally disagree with the idea and say it demonstrates a severe lack of trust in workers), but there may well be hidden benefits that could outweigh some of the cons.

In certain sectors, like construction, agriculture and manufacturing, there are all sorts of risks that employees face on a daily basis – but now a new study suggests that GPS tracking could help make such working environments a lot safer in which to operate.

Carried out by TSheets, an employee time tracking app, the survey found that of those employees who do have experience of GPS tracking in the workplace, some 64 per cent said that it helped to improve safety standards on site, compared to 49 per cent who haven’t yet used GPS at work. Other benefits of this kind of tracking system included greater accountability, efficiency gains and building trust with employers, as well as ensuring that those being tracked are paid what they’re owed.

It certainly seems as though GPS tracking is growing in popularity among businesses, at least over in the US. The study – which sampled 1,000 employees throughout the US – also revealed that one in three members of staff say they have been GPS tracked at work, so it’s likely that this could soon become a trend for businesses here in the UK as well… especially if doing so could help improve safety standards at work.

So how could you use GPS tracking to your benefit as a business? You could, for example, incorporate it into your emergency response plans while undertaking risk assessments and being better prepared for an incident or emergency that may occur. Using GPS tracking will allow you to account for all your members of staff quickly in an emergency, better able to take a headcount efficiently. You’ll also be able to actually see where your staff members are, which could really help support ongoing rescue efforts.

An obvious benefit for companies where workers performs lots of driving duties is that you can ensure your staff members comply with the Highway Code at all times. You’ll soon know if they’re speeding, driving dangerously or behaving in a way that would damage your company’s reputation… all thanks to GPS tracking.

Your workers also stand to benefit from the use of this kind of tracking system, since they’ll be able to protect themselves against any forthcoming complaints. You can easily put a timeframe together if an incident does occur and you’ll hold evidence to support people’s whereabouts.

It’s certainly something to consider and perhaps undertake further research, if you are keen to make safety changes at work. But, of course, you should always discuss these matters with those on the payroll since it can be quite a controversial topic.#

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