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BSA Publishes UK Map Of Fires & Sprinkler Saves

Posted: 17/10/2016

In a bid to prove just how important sprinkler systems are when it comes to minimising the impact of fire, as well as showing how many fires could have been prevented and their impact reduced, the Business Sprinkler Alliance (BSA) has published an interactive map of the UK revealing warehouse fires and sprinkler saves over the years.

For example, the map shows that there was a huge fire at a farm in North Devon on April 28th 2014, but there was no sprinkler system in place to help put the blaze out. In contrast, sprinklers helped to prevent the spread of fire in an Asda store in Bournemouth on July 30th 2012.

On August 22nd 2013, a recycling plant in Stockport burned for over a week, while on October 7th 2015 a sprinkler helped to save Hovis Mill in Old Trafford.

The BSA is now backing the Association of British Insurers and its campaign to make it compulsory for all warehouses that are bigger than 2,000m2 to have fire sprinkler systems installed. Currently, guidance only recommends that these sites have such systems in place.

Sprinklers are actually one of the most reliable and robust fire safety devices to be found in the market today, with 97 per cent of fires that take place in buildings protected by sprinklers either controlled or extinguished by them on the premises. What’s more, insurance companies may well offer reduced premiums if there is a sprinkler system installed on site, with BSA figures suggesting that this may be as much as 60 per cent.

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