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Boston Emergency Planners Warn About Flood Risks

Posted: 03/01/2017

Residents living in the Lincolnshire borough of Boston will remember the severe floods that occurred three years ago, which is why emergency planners have reminded people to be aware of similar risks in the coming winter months.

A few weeks ago (December 5th), the anniversary of the huge tidal surge that took place in 2013 was marked, which saw water from the North Sea flood areas in Boston.

More than 900 properties, both residential and commercial, were damaged during the floods, with emergency services having to help those who needed it most.

That is why Boston Borough Council is warning citizens to get prepared in case the same emergency occurs again as winter approaches, the Boston Standard reported.

A spokesman for the local authority said: “Community emergency planning is not about leaving you to your own devices until the emergency services arrive, or providing a service to the community instead of an emergency response.”

It was added that planners are there to provide people with “the right information at the right time” so they can make informed choices.

Communication is key to enabling the emergency services and local authority assist in helping the community recover quickly, the spokesman stated.

Residents can set up their own plan of action in an emergency using the valuable information provided by the council on what to do in a flood.

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