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Black Lives Matter London City Airport Protest Highlights Security Issues

Posted: 17/10/2016

Security concerns have been brought to light by the Black Lives Matter protest that took place on the runway at London City airport at the start of this month (September). The Independent newspaper has now suggested that this particular incident emphasises just how vulnerable this important international airport is to perimeter security breaches.

Unlike other airports which are surrounded by land, the majority of the runway at London City is surrounded by water, although surveillance equipment is in place that can detect unauthorised personnel in the protected area. However, the speed of response was questioned by the news source after the protest took place.

Apparently, a number of protestors were arrested after erecting a tripod on the runway and locking themselves together while airside. It's thought that they were able to bypass airport security by using a boat to cross the docks.

And now security professionals in the aviation sector are concerned that passenger aircraft could be targeted by shoulder-launched missiles on landing or take-off – and detection of threats such as these means that surveillance is required beyond the airport perimeter.

The news source went on to suggest that the ease with which these particular demonstrators gained access to the runway could potentially result in more sophisticated security measures to protect against terrorist attacks - so perhaps it's a good thing that this protest took place, if this is to be the outcome.

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