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Atlantis Energy Joins Wyre Tidal Energy Project

Posted: 07/03/2017

Atlantis Energy has announced that it is partnering with Natural Energy Wire (NEW) to develop the Wyre tidal energy project.

This development will see a tidal power plant constructed between Fleetwood and Knott’s End on the Lancashire coast.

NEW has been working on the project for a number of years, and the company’s managing director is excited to be pushing the development forward. Once completed, the tidal power plant will be capable of producing up to 400GWH of electricity.

It will also feature flood protection measures, and is the only such power station in the country that mimics actual tidal cycles, which will reduce environmental disruption.

Bob Long, NEW Managing Director, commented: “It is a project that offers huge opportunity for the regeneration of Fleetwood and the surrounding area and a chance to enhance the recovery of a previously seriously contaminated estuary.”

CEO of Atlantis Energy Tim Cornelius added that the Wyre project is extremely cost effective and will provide a great opportunity to “test the concepts of tidal range power”.

Earlier this year, plans to introduce the first lagoon power plant in the world were unveiled. This project would see a U-shaped wall constructed and fitted with turbines, which are powered by the rise and fall of the tide.

A report authored by Energy Minister Charles Hendry, concluded that this kind of energy generation could be particularly cost effective for the UK and would prove cheaper than nuclear or offshore wind during the first 60 years of its operation.

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