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News ‐ April 2015

Renewal of TATA Steel Emergency Response Contract image

Renewal of TATA Steel Emergency Response Contract

HFR Solutions has today been awarded the extension of the emergency response contract at TATA Steel, Scunthorpe, until 31 April 2018.

HFR Solutions have been providing the emergency response at the Scunthorpe site since 2012, providing a dedicated and professional emergency service where both a fire appliance and ambulance are crewed and operated to the same specifications as that of the Local Authority Emergency Services.

The contract renewal enables HFR Solutions to continue the proactive partnership working with the TATA management team, building on the positive safety improvements that they have made in the last 3 years in terms of minimising incidences and maximising productivity, resulting in substantial year-on-year declines in emergency incidents at the site.

John Armson, TATA Contract Manager for HFR Solutions said “Our emergency provision at TATA Steel Scunthorpe is as much about prevention as it is about protection, response and recovery. We have worked hard over the last 3 years to align our proactive practices to TATA’s Health and Safety Management system to ensure that collectively the plants on the site understand their risk profile and credible scenarios which could potentially occur, along with the implementing control measures such as education, training and preparation for such events”.