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Advice To Raise Awareness Of Health & Safety Among Your Workers

Posted: 08/08/2018

Regardless of what industry you work in, emergency response planning is vital to ensure that everyone remains safe and your employees understand their roles and responsibilities in the event of an incident.

Of course, the best health and safety practices focus on preventing accidents in the first place.

The production of emergency response plans are a vital company resource, which help to protect your organisation, assets and brand, its employees, the local community and environment. However, your emergency response plans need to form part of the overall organisation-wide health and safety procedures and practices, which most businesses will have in place.

An article for BM Magazine looked at how you can raise awareness of workplace health and safety.

One way to approach this is to get employees involved in different stages of the process. The news provider recommends getting workers to help with health and safety inspections, and encourage them to carry out their own risk assessments.

“Find a way to regularly consult your employees and encourage them to share their views on working practices and how they could enhance health and safety,” the news provider suggested.

Regular refresher and competency training is vital. It isn’t sufficient to ask a new employee to work through the health and safety training manual and never look at it again.

Keeping updated records, with any notes on health and safety reviews, inspections and any training that’s been delivered or policy changes is vital too. You can look back over these records to identify any particular problem areas and reoccurring incidents and make sure your focus and efforts address real health and safety issues and challenges, which can make a real difference to your organisation, its employees and internal operations. 

As well as learning from your own business’ history, it would be advisable to benchmark against other organisations operating in similar sectors and facing the same health and safety challenges. You can take learnings from other organisations who may have experienced health and safety failings to ensure your operation has procedures in place and prevent similar mistakes occurring.

We recently highlighted a number of high-profile cases and serious health and safety breaches.