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ABI Issues Flood Preparation Advice

Posted: 24/01/2017

If you run a business in a flood-prone area, you’d certainly be wise to implement an effective flood disaster recovery plan, so that you would be better prepared if required. Proactive planning and preparation, will help to reduce the impact of flood water in the event of a flooding.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has just issued good flood preparation advice for businesses and homeowners alike around the UK, after a village in Essex was evacuated from their homes because of fears of coastal flooding. Warnings were issued last week of a tidal surge which affected parts of the east coast, from counties such as Yorkshire as far down as Suffolk.

“This is a crucial time to make sure you are aware of any flood risk in your area, and that you consider steps to protect yourself and your property. Being flooded is horribly traumatic, not just because of the immediate impact but because it can take so long to recover from,” Head of Property with the ABI, Mark Shepherd commented.

Tips from the organisation include installing temporary measures like toilet bungs and flood gates, and putting a flood kit together complete with mobile phone, contact numbers, a torch, batteries, a radio, insurance policy details, rubber gloves, a bottle of water and a first aid kit. Cars could be moved to an area that’s less likely to flood, while you should ensure that pets are somewhere they can be looked after.

The village which was evacuated was Jaywick in Essex, but according to the BBC, some of the residents refused to leave their homes– because, as they said, they’ve been evacuated so many times in the past and nothing has happened, that they no longer believe that mass flooding is going to take place.