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A Warm Welcome to the Connect Autumn/Winter Newsletter

Posted: 02/12/2016

A very warm welcome to the HFR Solutions Connect newsletter, which this edition gives greater insight into a number of the activities of the company with subjects ranging from the recent ABP exercises, the excellent emergency planning work recently completed with Rix Petroleum Ltd and the introduction of the new website, to some of our social return activity and what this means to our communities, we also get to meet a couple of our new starters and welcome them to the business. 

One thought which constantly strikes me is that wherever you look in Solutions our success is attributable to one thing above everything else and that is teamwork. Whether that be between ourselves within the business or with the number of other organisations with whom we partner to provide services which either enhance, compliment or provide resilience to our own. Solutions now has a number of external partnerships which add real value to our offering and in so doing reinforce the growth and prosperity of the Humber region - some really good examples of these are listed below and demonstrate how much stronger we can be when working with others in the sector.

HFR Solutions CIC Partners

Hull University - we have partnered with the virtual and augmented reality team (HIVE) to develop a number of computer software products including a virtual reality tour of a wind turbine (if you haven't seen that you need to try it!!), a number of differing incident management systems simulating both large multi-agency incidents (LIMA) and smaller incident types (VIC). We are also working on drone development with the university team and this has been cascaded across to Humberside Fire and Rescue Service for use at differing incident types (although it should be noted this is once again back in the workshop after shall we say another rather heavy landing!!).


MAERSK - we signed a partnership with Maersk training earlier this year for delivery of a number of the renewables industry training courses to compliment those which we already deliver and to pick up a number of areas which we cannot or do not want to cover as we do not possess the expertise. MAERSK is a significant organisation in terms of market coverage for servicing the needs of the renewables sector.

As an industry experiencing significant growth locally, with projects such as Hornsea, Humber Gateway, Westermost Rough and Triton Knoll, this should pay dividends as the workforce required to service that develops.

HOTA - we have a partnership with HOTA for the delivery of the sea survival element of the GWO renewable offshore safety courses meaning that collectively we can deliver all five areas of the programme thus instating the Humber region as the one-stop-shop for renewable safety training and in so doing attract a number of national and international businesses into the region.


Grimsby Institute - we are working with the Grimsby Institute to enhance a number of the courses we deliver combining their academic input into our delivery to further improve the customer experience and to add to the offering, they are able to provide their clients with our course prospectus. Already potentially a number of exciting opportunities have developed as a result of this partnership involving working both locally and overseas with a number of new customers.


Trauma Resuscitation Services - whilst we purchase our clinical governance from this organisation (and as such are a customer of theirs) we also work together in partnership to develop new medical courses for the renewables industries and it is envisaged this delivery will spread to a number of differing sectors - the URIECA course developed jointly with Trauma Resuscitation is currently the highest level of trauma course available to non-medical practitioners and has attracted real industry interest.


As you can see Solutions very much focuses upon the concept of partnership, working in a number of key areas in which we deliver to enhance the customer experience and build upon the resilience provided by the Humber region to support the growth industries upon which it so heavily relies. Moving forward I anticipate this list will expand with the addition of other select organisations to grow our offering still further.

On behalf of the Directors Board, the HFR Solutions team and myself, I would like to close by wishing you and your families a very happy, enjoyable and safe Christmas and New Year and I will look forward to meeting up with you all in the very near future.

Kind Regards Nick Granger