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UK Partnership to Form Turbine Maintenance Team

Posted: 28/04/2021

Categories: HFR Solutions Training Centre

A strategic partnership has been formed between industrial maintenance and series provider Bilfinger Salamis UK and blade repair and maintenance specialists GEV Wind Power.

ReNews reports that the new partnership aims to offer wind farm operators a complete range of services for the repair and maintenance of turbines and blades, which will draw on the specialist expertise of GEV and Bilfinger’s fabric repair, cleaning, and inspection services.

Based in Hull, GEV already has contracts to work on over 40 on- and offshore wind farms yearly, which draws the talents of over 300 technicians globally.

GEV specialises in structural blade repairs, retrofit installation and replacement, lightning protection systems, and leading-edge protection installation.

Bilfinger is a specialist in operation and maintenance services that include alternative access, fabric management, cleaning, and non-destructive inspection, within the UK, Denmark and Holland.

Mike Henderson, the business development and commercial director for Bilfinger Salamis UK, said the partnership will align the companies’ innovative approaches and competency in operations, maintenance e and technology to create an integrated service for their clients.

“As the UK offshore wind market continues to grow, Bilfinger Salamis UK and GEV are well placed with bases around the UK coastline, with a network of logistics facilities in some of the key renewables hubs, and an extensive resource pool of experienced and knowledgeable technicians,” he said.

“Bilfinger’s extensive history in offshore operations and maintenance enables us to identify synergies with some of the emerging challenges in the renewables industry. Collaborating with companies such as GEV means we are well placed to realise our goal of becoming a Tier 1 operations and maintenance partner to the offshore wind industry.”

GEV chief executive David Fletcher said: “We are now excited to be collaborating with Bilfinger and be in a position to offer our clients a comprehensive range of additional fabric maintenance solutions supported by an industry leader in this field.”

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