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Planning Consent Granted for Norfolk Offshore Wind Farm

Posted: 24/07/2020

Categories: Emergency Response & Preparedness

The Norfolk Vanguard Offshore Wind Farm has been granted planning permission by the UK’s Planning Inspectorate, which means that development on the project can begin in earnest.

Energy Global reported on the decision, which will see Vattenfall deliver the proposed wind farm. Once it’s completed, it will generate 1.8 GW of electricity, which is enough to power nearly two million homes a year, while saving more than three million tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Senior vice president of Vattenfall’s wind business Gunnar Groebler told the news provider that the company is “delighted” that planning consent has been granted.

“Decarbonising our economies starts with one of the most essential resources - electricity. Today’s news sends a strong signal that the UK is serious about its climate ambitions and is open for business to power a green economic recovery.”

This project will also increase the number of jobs available in offshore wind in the East of England, Mr Groebler added. Businesses operating in the offshore wind sector need to ensure they have effective and workable emergency plans and emergency response procedures in place.

With the industry placing an increased level of importance on interim care, remote medicine and rescue capabilities, over the past 12 months the Global Wind Association (the trade association who sets the standards for the offshore wind sector) introduced two new training standards. The first standard - GWO Advanced Rescue (ART) ensures delegates hold increased competencies in undertaking rescue operations within a wind turbine and the second standard - Enhanced First Aid (EFA) enables your offshore teams to be trained to an advanced level of first aid and are clearly able to apply these skills.

Earlier this month, RE News UK reported that the Environmental Audit Committee had called on the government to remove barriers to the further development of offshore wind in the country. The committee has recommended that Ofgem offers wind farms alternative methods to connect to the electricity grid.