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51% Of Judges Have ‘Personal Safety Concerns’ While In Court

Posted: 07/03/2017

It seems that working conditions in the UK courts is on the decline, with the latest Judicial Attitudes Survey – compiled by Professor Cheryl Thomas of the Judicial Institute at University College London – showing that 51 per cent of judges admit to fearing for their own personal safety while in court.

It was found that the England and wales courts judiciary believes that working conditions have worsened in the last two years (40 per cent), although just 20 per cent of the tribunal’s judiciary would say the same. Circuit judges have the highest proportion of judges who state that working conditions have become significantly worse in the last two years (46 per cent).

“I am working with the Lord Chief Justice and senior judiciary to address wider judicial concerns by providing judges with greater support in the courtroom, opportunities for development and progression, and improving the environment in which they operate,” Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor, Elizabeth Truss was quoted by the Guardian as saying.

But it’s not just in court that judges are concerned about their personal safety – 37 per cent say they’re worried about it outside court as well, while 15 per cent have specific concerns about social media.

The Judiciary of England and Wales’s Guide to Judicial Conduct advises those concerned about this latter point to be careful about what they post on social media sites as this could put personal safety at risk. For example, posting family information, details of holiday plans or your address could be used for criminal activity, while photographs could be used to identify home addresses.

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