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33 Engineer Regiment - calls upon the specialist fire safety knowledge of HFR Solutions CIC

Posted: 29/06/2017

HFR Solutions CIC delivered this training to a team of up to 55 individuals comprising of civil servants who work and operate alongside the military as explosive ordnance searchers and military personnel as part of their community engagement initiatives. As a result delegates have increased their knowledge and understanding of what constitutes best practice fire safety procedures.

The 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD) receive mandatory annual fire prevention training in the form of an internally delivered scripted PowerPoint presentation, however as it was delivered by an external fire prevention specialist on this occasion, SSgt Lister felt this helped to add creditability.

The Explosive Ordnance Clearance Group are a UK based specialist unit providing a vital surface and sub-surface search and locate service. Their role is to identify potential unexploded ordnance contamination, and render safe any live threats in order to provide safe spaces and areas for military and public usage. This annual training is essential to keep the civil servant explosive ordnance searchers operating safely in their essential duties protecting the public by clearing the UK of unexploded ordnance.

Two separate interactive sessions were delivered by the HFR Solutions CIC lead medical practitioner. The blended style of learning and a question and answer session encouraged candidate participation which made the whole experience more enjoyable.

SSgt Jamie Lister, 2 Troop Commander, Explosive Ordnance Clearance Group commented “We would like to express our extreme gratitude to the HFR Solutions CIC team for delivering training to 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD). HFR Solutions CIC not only managed to deliver the training with expertise and enthusiasm, they also carried the credibility that can only be gained by professionals who are intensely knowledgeable within their field of expertise. As a Troop Commander, the Training Co-ordinator and Operations Senior NCO for Explosive Ordnance Clearance Group (EOC Gp) the delivery surpassed my expectations, I am delighted with the quality of the service delivered by HFR Solutions CIC to our team.

HFR Solutions provides 33 Engineer Regiment Special Bomb Disposal Unit with Fire Safety TrainingHFR Solutions CIC’s community interest initiatives range from the proactive basic life support and first aid Heartstart program that enables communities to learn and administer first aid in the event of a real-life situation, to the installation of defibrillators at various rural fire stations throughout the community.  We also delivered a breakfast seminar focusing on improving the safety of the workers when undertaking working at height and in confined space environments. Activities like the aforementioned help to meet the HFR Solutions CIC vision of making our communities and places of work safer.