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The new mobile training units from HFR Solutions CIC - meeting on-the-job confined space and work at height training requirements

Versatile mobile training spaces supporting on-the-job trainingHFR Solutions mobile training units supporting your on-the-job training needs

Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your employees, contractors and technicians working in confined spaces and whilst working at height has never been easier, thanks to the launch of our NEW mobile confined space and work at height training units.

Mobile training - delivered at your premises or project site

Suitable for either site-based or mobile training, both adaptable mobile training units can accommodate up to eight delegates, under supervision, at any one time and deliver up to 7m x 2.4m of designated confined space and work at height training space.

Training delivered exactly where and when you need itVersatile mobile training spaces – training delivered how you need it

These trailer and truck-mounted mobile units can be used separately or combined depending upon a client’s training requirements and allowing for different training scenarios to be delivered at the same time, if required. Each of these adaptable spaces accommodate up to eight delegates, under supervision, at any one time.

Benefits to your organisation

These mobile units will deliver the following benefits to your delegates:

  • Quick set up time - helping to ensure training begins promptly
  • Realistic scenarios – for confined space and work at height training and different training scenarios to be delivered at the same time if required
  • Cost savings - reduced time away from your site and reduced travelling costs
  • Training on-the-job - Ideal tool for meeting on-the-job training needs
  • Versatile layout - the mobile confined space unit provides back, side and top entry points and a layout which is reconfigurable to accommodate various training and rescue scenarios
  • Space maximisation – work at height training, rescue and scenarios can be delivered from multi-levels including the roof
  • An internal camera and lighting system – to help prevent skills fade, maintain competency levels and quality assure
  • A synthetic smoke and heating system – to experience realistic rescue training conditions and scenarios, for example mirroring the hot conditions and temperatures found in a confined space working area
  • Fully equipped – the work at height mobile unit is fully equipped with Internal and external ladder facilities

Mobile units supporting your on-the-job training

Training delivered exactly where you need it

2 - 7m x 2.4m of dedicated training spaces

Quick set up time

Realistic scenarios

Cost savings

Versatile layout

Camera & lighting

Smoke and heating

Fully equipped

2 - 7m x 2.4m mobile training spacesThese mobile units have been designed to enable easy reconfigurable internal layouts to meet specific industry applications and for use in various business sectors such as;

  • Energy
  • Renewables
  • Industrial
  • Heavy industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Public sector

Industry certified

Both units have been accredited by an external body and have also been certified by the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) as a mobile training facility.

Providing an enhanced training experience

These new mobile training facilities enhances the existing confined space and work at height training facilities currently available at HFR Solutions CIC venues throughout the Humber region. 

Current facilities include internal and external confined space training rigs, sewer complex, work at height infrastructure, ladders, designated safety harness testing and training area and 18m and 45m work at height towers. 

Jointly funded investment

HFR Solutions CIC and one of Orsted’s operational sites have joined forces to co-fund and support this significant investment, to create a flexible asset that represents the risks faced by various sectors and supports our vision of making the local region a safer place to live and work. This vision is at the heart of all our operations and initiatives.

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