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Humberside Airport

Purpose-built firefighting and workplace safety training facilities

Situated in a central location close to the towns of Grimsby, Immingham, Scunthorpe and other parts of Lincolnshire, our training facilities are available to provide realistic training for the types of business located in these areas such as food production, manufacturing, power generation, port authorities and logistics, chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, as well as industrial-based organisations.

These facilities can deliver several training courses from bespoke industrial and aviation firefighting training, incident command to general workplace safety, health and safety and environmental training.

We can deliver the following extensive range of training course categories from our Humberside Airport site: 

  • Industrial firefighting training
  • Aviation firefighting training
  • Command and control training
  • Workplace safety training
  • Health and safety training
  • Hazmat and environmental training
Purpose-built facilities & simulators

With a range of training simulators available on-site, we can meet a range of industrial, chemical and aviation firefighting training requirements. We will work with customers to identify their own risk and provide bespoke training solutions to meet the needs of their business and emergency responders.

Realistic Firefighting scenarios

We are able to simulate real firefighting scenarios which include the type of incidents presented by industrial sites, including petrochemical and other hazardous materials. We can also provide training for the aviation industry, and our aircraft and helicopter simulators can be used for various aviation based scenarios.

Due to the location and infrastructure in place, we are able to provide training using firefighting foam and ensure that it is being used safely and effectively should the risks on your site require this type of extinguishing agent. A reed bed developed at the airport allows the potentially harmful environmental effects of foam to be mitigated meaning there is no detrimental impact on the environment. 

Facilities available include;
  • Simulators to replicate industrial and chemical firefighting scenarios
  • Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) fire simulator
  • Running fuel fire simulator (Using pressurised Jet A-1 fuel, similar to Diesel)
  • Flange fire simulator
  • Internal firefighting and search and rescue facility
  • Aircraft and helicopter fire fighting simulators

Aviation Fire Fighting Simulators

From live LPG and fuel-fed, these facilities allow delegates to experience large-scale industrial and chemical fires and follow best practice in how to tackle these chemical fires, in a safe, realistic and controlled environment.

Category 6 Aircraft Simulator

Helicopter Simulator

Cabin Crew Training Simulator

We are also able to deliver the following training scenarios;

Running fuel fires

Liquid fuel fire

Fuel line fire

High engine fire

Low rail fuel fire

Side rail fire

Rota head fire

Bespoke industrial firefighting training – meeting your tailored requirements

An outbreak of fire at an industrial or manufacturing site, within the aviation industry or a chemical incident at a high-risk environment, can have serious consequences for many organisations, therefore our training scenarios have to reflect potentially differing outcomes. All our course syllabus and firefighting training courses are always developed in conjunction with our customer’s bespoke requirements.

This will take into account the risk profile of your organisation, credible risks, existing emergency response procedures and current provision for incident response, to ensure we deliver the bespoke training to meet your delegates and organisations objectives and command and control management and response requires.

Experience and expertise available on-site

The team based on site at Humberside Airport ensures all training courses are delivered by highly experienced and skilled aviation and local authority Firefighters, Incident Managers, Crisis Managers and Instructors.