Fire Marshal

Next Available Course: 1st July 2022

Duration: 6 Hours

Validation: 2 Years

Price per delegate: £113 +VAT

Price per course (max 12): £968 +VAT

Location: Humber Emergency Planning Centre, Humberside international Airport, Kirmington, DN39 6AB


The Fire Extinguisher course is valid for 2 years and is designed to equip Fire Marshals and Wardens with the skills, knowledge and understanding to safely perform both their proactive and reactive role in the workplace. As a result of attending this course, delegates will increase their competence levels, knowledge and skills in numerous fire safety related topics.


The duties of a Fire Marshal can include;

  • Identifying fire hazards at their place of work

  • Note and report hazards to the relevant people (i.e. Fire Safety Officer)

  • Take the correct and necessary action in the event of a fire outbreak

  • Ensure that escape routes are kept clear and exit doors are available for use

  • Fire extinguishers are sealed and in the correct locations

  • Fire alarms are clear and unobstructed

  • The position of fire safety signs

  • All weekly fire alarm tests should be reported if faulty

Learning Outcomes

  • Legislative responsibilities and compliance

  • Duties of a fire marshal (general and site-specific)

  • Science of fire

  • The elements of the fire triangle (reactive and proactive)

  • How fire spreads

  • Fire prevention measures

  • Fire actions (general and site-specific)

  • Common and site-specific safety hazards

  • Case study example

  • Site-specific roles and responsibilities

  • Classes of fire

  • Different types of fire extinguishers

  • Selection, capability and limitations of fire extinguishers

  • Practical use of fire extinguishers utilising live-fire demonstration unit

  • Practical exercises


  • Legislative responsibilities

  • Science of fire

  • Fire spread/development

  • Fire actions (general and site-specific)

  • Case study examples

  • Fire extinguisher types

  • Selection, capability and limitations of fire extinguishers

  • Fire marshal duties (general and site-specific)

  • Fire triangle (reactive and proactive)

  • Fire prevention

  • Common/site specific safety hazards

  • Site-specific roles and responsibilities

  • Classes of fire

  • Practical use of fire extinguishers utilising the live-fire demonstration unit

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