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Fire Extinguisher

Next Available Course: Upon Request

Duration: 6 Hours

Validation: 3 Years

Price per delegate: £58 +VAT

Price per course (max 12): £567 +VAT


The Fire Extinguisher course is valid for 3 years and is designed to provide individuals with the skills, knowledge and understanding required to safely operate fire extinguishers in the event of a fire incident or emergency. This course is a mixture of theory and practical learning; allowing delegates to use a fire extinguishers during a live-fire demonstration.

Course Benefits

  • Correct techniques - implementing best practice fire safety techniques

  • Qualified and experienced trainers who specialise in fire safety and legislation

  • Real-incident experiences

  • Upskilled employees - improved knowledge and confidence over fire extinguisher usage

  • Applying best practice procedures

  • Implementing Safe Systems of Work

  • Fire safety training can be delivered at your site

  • ISO accredited business

Learning Outcomes

  • Increased competence using different fire extinguishers and meeting workplace safety

  • Specialist knowledge - correct selection, limitations and capabilities of fire extinguishers

  • Hands on module - practical use of fire extinguisher using a live-fire demonstration

  • Improved knowledge - basic principles of fire hazards

  • Legislation - responsibilities and compliance

  • better prepared for handling potential fire incidents in the workplace

  • Safer workplace - safer employees and reduced chance of personal injury

  • Upskilled employees - improved knowledge and confidence

  • Ability to apply best practice procedures when implementing fire prevention measures


  • Legislative responsibilities

  • Fire spread/development

  • A worked through case study example

  • Classes of fire

  • Practical use of fire extinguishers utilising live-fire demonstration unit

  • Fire triangle (reactive)

  • Fire actions (general and site-specific)

  • Fire extinguisher types

  • Selection, capability and limitations of fire extinguishers

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