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First Responder - Advanced - Tier 5 First Aid


Course Information

Date of Next Course: Upon Request

Venue: HFR Solutions Training Centre, Hessle, Nr Hull

Duration: Three Days

First Responder Advanced Course | Advanced first aid response and pre-hospital definitive care

Duration: Three Years

This is one of the most advanced first responder and trauma courses available to non-medical professionals.

This First Responder – Advanced course has been developed to focus on providing delegates with the knowledge and skills to enact rapid evacuation of casualties to hospital.

It supports an advanced level of medical response and pre-hospital definitive care to selected members of your organisation who may require;

  • Developing their first aid skills to advanced capabilities
  • Enhancing their first responder skills to an advanced level
  • Maintaining their first responder competencies

The 3-Day First Responder - Advanced course syllabus includes:

 Airway  Breathing
 Burns  Catastrophic bleeding
 Circulation  Clinical governance
 CPR and AED's  Disability
 Extremity trauma  Heat-related conditions
 Kinematics  Medication 
 Medical emergencies  Pain relief
 Packaging and evacuation  Scene management
 Special circumstances  Suspension, induced pathology and crush injuries


First Responder Advanced Course | Develop first-aid skills to an advanced level

The course syllabus has designed specifically for those who work in demanding and challenging, remote and industrial environments and will ensure that responders remain competent and have the latest medical equipment and best medical practices are available to ensure this course syllabus remains current.

The Tier 5 First Responder advanced training course is supported by a unique and bespoke advanced first responder kit bag which contains advanced equipment to support the role of a first responder to deliver advanced trauma, immediate emergency care and definitive pre-hospital care.

Course Benefits

The course benefits include:

  • One of the most advanced trauma and first responder courses available to non-medical professionals
  • Learn best practice working methods
  • Build delegate confidence levels and upskill competence skills
  • Blended learning to cater for differing learning styles
  • Delivered by subject-leads and experts in their discipline

Learning Outcomes

Delegates attending the First Responder advanced course, will benefit from the following learner outcomes:

  • Increased skills and capabilities of an advanced first responder 
  • Competencies help to reduce preventable pre-hospital deaths
  • Learn specialist skills - packaging and evacuation, suspension, crush injuries, catastrophic bleeding and clinical governance

 This course supports the requirements of employers under the First Aid at Work Regulations 1981.

Relevant Legislation

For any of your employees who act in the role of a first aider or medical responder, they must have a good understanding of first aid legislation and how this may impact on your business. We have enclosed some resources, which you may find useful; 

  • The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981
  • General Health & Safety Legislation
  • Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
  • Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999
  • Resuscitation and First Aid Guidelines 2015


HFR Solutions CIC provided evidence that the type of knowledge we were looking at gradually fades unless regularly used or practised. They advised that training should be at frequent intervals so that the procedures are at the forefront of our minds in an emergency.”

Tony Lyon, Centrica

First Responder - Advanced - Tier 5 First Aid

Course Code: FA12

Location - HFR Solutions Training Centre, Hessle

Duration - 3 Days

Closed Course Information

Price per course - £3410.00 + VAT

Max 6 delegates

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