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Experience Days

Experience days hit the spot for year six pupils

Children's Experiement Days - Developing First Aid Skills - HFR Solutions Community InterestHFR Solutions has recently formed a partnership with the Hull and East Yorkshire Children’s University and North Lincs Childrens University to provide Experience Days for Year six pupils of Endike Primary School in Hull and Scawby Primary in Brigg. The Children’s University is a charity that works with children to provide them with aspiration-raising experiences outside the classroom so that they can be inspired to fulfil their potential.

From learning about fighting fires, first-aid techniques to undertaking teamwork activities - the pupils really actively participate

These Experience Days provided pupils with the opportunity to try some new activities relating to confined space, fire safety, first-aid and teamwork.

Mark Richardson, Marketing Co-ordinator at HFR Solutions, in Hull, commented: “The objective of these sessions is to inspire pupils as individuals, allowing them to experience new activities and help them build confidence, understand the importance of teamwork to achieve goals and learn new skills in a fun and friendly environment.”

Children's Experiement Days - Developing teamwork skills - HFR Solutions Community Interest

We have now delivered two separate experience days with more than 60 pupils from Endike Primary School attending these sessions,” said Mr Richardson. “Further sessions are planned for the New Year and it is hoped further Year Six pupils will also get the opportunity to attend one of these sessions.”

In order to engage with the pupils prior to visit, they are invited to design posters on the importance of fire safety and first-aid. “At the end of the experience day, all pupils receive a goodie bag and medals, and the teachers also present awards,” said Mr Richardson.

Nick Granger, Managing Director of HFR Solutions, said: “HFR Solutions is delighted with the way in which the partnership with Children’s University and Endike Primary School has developed. Community engagement activities like these very much support our core vision of ‘making the Humber region a safer place to live and work’.

Nick continues “They all leave with smiles on their faces, which really makes it all the worthwhile. The feedback we have received so far from both the Children’s University and Endike Primary School has been wonderful.”

Educational experiences outside the classroom help to teach children new skills

Children's Experiement Days - Experiencing Confined Spaces - HFR Solutions Community Interest)Rosanna James, of the Children’s University, said the range of activities provided for the children, including fire extinguishing, navigating through confined spaces and learning CPR, taught them vital skills for the future, and many of the pupils who had already taken part had been inspired to work for Humberside Fire and Rescue in the future.

Natasha Banke, also of the Children’s University, said: “Educational experiences outside of the classroom that teach children skills and that allows them to see the world of work are vital in them forming aspirations for the future. “

Mark Holliday, a teacher at Endike Primary School, commented: “Our children really enjoyed their day at HFR Solutions. They had no fear when using the fire extinguishers, which they thought were amazing. They also had the opportunity to practice their first-aid skills. “When asked, the children voted the ‘confined spaces’ as their favourite activity and, from a teacher’s perspective, it was really great to see them overcome their fears.”

Children are always keen to try new activities and HFR Solutions have designed and structured these sessions specifically to inspire the pupils, to help grow their confidence as well as learn new skills as they tackle these activities with enthusiasm.