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Community Defibrillator Installations

HFR Solutions supports community installation program

Vital community safety equipment - helping to save lives in the community

HFR Solutions hGrovehill community defibrillator installation - lifesaving equipment  for Beverley community | HFR Solutions Community Interestave supported projects to install community defibrillators at various locations including:

  • 17 rural fire stations throughout the Humber region
  • Grovehill community - Beverley
  • Leven Village
  • Parkinsons UK
  • Shiptonthorpe
  • Tickton
  • Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (Flamborough and Spurn Point)

Speaking after another successful installation of a defibrillator, John Armson, Emergency Services Manager, HFR Solutions CIC commented “This is a great example of how community spirit can make a real difference. There is little doubt in my mind, this investment will have a significant impact on making the community safer and maximise the chances of survival for a casualty suffering from a cardiac arrest.

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust community defib installation - accessible lifesaving equipment in the community | HFR Solutions Community Interest

"This will ensure that Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and the defibrillator can be brought into use early, prior to the handover of the casualty to definitive care from a health care professional”.