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Rix Petroleum Ltd tasks HFR Solutions CIC with delivering their emergency response plans

HFR Solutions CIC was recently approached by leading brand Rix Petroleum Ltd, the largest family owned fuel distributor in the UK to review their existing emergency response plans and major accident prevention policy (MAPP).

Case Study Requirements

HFR Solutions CIC was recently approached by leading brand Rix Petroleum Ltd, the largest family owned fuel distributor in the UK, supplying home heating oil, farm fuels, hauliers, commercial and industrial users and retail sites, to provide a comprehensive and independent review of their existing Emergency Response Plans and Major Accident Prevention Policy (MAPP). 

This would help to identify gaps based upon credible scenarios relevant to their operations and to the risk profile of their business.

The emergency management service supplied to Rix Petroleum Ltd included:

  • Review of existing Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
  • Major Accident Prevention Policy (MAPP)
  • A series of six Scenario Intervention Plans
  • Emergency Response Training
  • Fire Marshal Training (including Fire Extinguisher Training)


As part of the overall process and to increase competency levels of Rix Petroleum Ltd staff, HFR Solutions CIC also delivered some realistic emergency response and incident command training.

Emergency Response Plans

Like many COMAH sites, Rix Petroleum Ltd understands the critical importance of keeping their company’s Emergency Response Plans and Major Accident Prevention Policy constantly updated. These were comprehensively reviewed and amended to ensure all documentation was updated, accessible and the information would be easy to use in the event of an emergency.

Six Scenario Intervention Plans were produced, each focused on a credible scenario within an identified area of hazard and risk. One side of the A3 plan provides visual information on the specific area, identifying key items and on the other side a full colour plan, including details of responses required by the following personnel:

  • First Responders
  • Second Responders
  • Third Responders

Bespoke Training

Bespoke training exercises were delivered as part of the package to ensure that personnel understand what their role will be in the event of an emergency, utilising the credible on-site scenarios already identified. These were aimed at personnel who undertake a specific role during an incident i.e. Directors, Depot Managers, HSE Staff, Fire Marshals and their deputies. 

This training covered:

  • Human Factors – Why incidents occur
  • Incident Management – What can assist in commanding and controlling an incident
  • Incident Command Systems
  • Organisational Response
  • Decision Making
  • Communication, Handing Over, Briefing and Debriefing
  • Site Specific Information
  • Emergency Plans
  • Major Accident Prevention Policy (MAPP)
  • Liaison and Engagement
  • Incident Room Requirements
  • Status Boards
  • Site Plans
  • Media

This training also consisted of delivering practical scenarios, which were designed to test the company's emergency plans and utilised role plays to add realism and urgency.



Rory Clarke, Managing Director, Rix Petroleum Ltd, commented:

“The team at Rix involved in the management of our petroleum tank farm, including myself and Duncan Lambert the Managing Director of Rix Petroleum, took part in the training with HFR Solutions CIC. We found HFR Solutions to be incredibly professional and drawing on years of experience in the rescue services, they provided some very realistic scenarios. Everyone involved not only enjoyed the training, but more importantly came away feeling much more confident about what to do in an emergency. We will definitely be using them again in the future to help with our emergency response planning and training.”

Tony Harvey, Emergency Response Lead Instructor, HFR Solutions commented:

“All personnel who took part in the training were enthusiastic, fully engaged and committed to improving their emergency response capabilities. The recommendations that came out of the training and consultation process were well received and acted upon by the Rix management team.”


Each training exercise lasted between 40 and 60 minutes and the response plans and MAPP were utilised during the training. Several learnings were identified and captured by delegates which were then discussed during debrief sessions that followed each exercise. Multi-media clips of the exercises were provided to Rix Petroleum Ltd and will form part of regular future drills, imbedding the emergency response plans into drills, recorded on a competency framework which will allow Rix Petroleum Ltd to ensure that personnel maintain a degree of competence in the area of emergency response.