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Sutton Bridge Power Generation (SBPG)

Agile & bespoke standby response solutions delivered by HFR Solutions supporting Sutton Bridge Power Generation during site outage

HFR Solutions was recently approached by the Sutton Bridge Power Generation (SBPG) Management team, at short notice, with a request to provide emergency response cover with advanced rescue and enhanced medical response capabilities, for the planned outage of their 850 MW gas-fired powered station, based in Sutton Bridge.

Case Study Requirements


A risk assessment undertaken by Sutton Bridge Power Generation recognised a requirement to deploy additional full-time emergency response specialists and safety attendants, to enhance their existing on site provision. With a peak of 150 contractors on-site, this helped meet legislative requirements, manage foreseeable risks in areas of the site that are not normally accessed and maintain general site safety.

The outage period was undertaken during the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, which presented the SBPG Management team with added logistical challenges. This resulted in the project focusing on risk-critical works, that could be completed in line with additional Covid-19 controls.

The project’s scope accounted for the hazards associated with the complexity of various structures and multiple, simultaneous confined space entries and the level of risk mitigation already in place (i.e. suitable access/egress, verified isolations and adequate ventilation etc).

Confined Space Rescue Standby Service

The SBPG Management team expected HFR Solutions site-based responders to ensure all legislative areas concerning their confined space entry and rescue were addressed. It was also necessary for HFR Solutions to be able to deliver enhanced first aid response and work at height rescue.


Workable rescue plans

Prior to the outage commencing, HFR Solutions visited the site and reviewed high risk and other work areas and then produced documented rescue plans, in accordance with Confined Space Regulations 1997 and Work at Height Regulations 2005. At the start of the Outage, these rescue plans were tested to ensure they were achievable, should such an event occur.

Testing casualty extraction and rescue

The ERT team executed a simulated exercise which focused on a contractor sustaining a leg injury after exiting a confined space, located on level 5 of the Heat Recovery Steam Generator. This tested the ERT team’s capability to respond, treat, package (place in a stretcher), rescue and lower the casualty to ground level safety.

The exercise was based on credible scenarios identified from the risk profile and was discussed between SBPG Management and HFR Solutions before delivery. Upon completion, a full debrief took place to review outcomes and a report was provided as evidence of completion.


The HFR Solutions team managed the following client expectations;

  • Providing the Sutton Bridge team with the assurance that legislative compliance for high-risk activities, such as rescue from confined space and work at height were met.
  • Deploying professional rescue teams developed from local authority front line emergency service responders, who hold vast experience in performing rescue and medical interventions and also, reviewing site procedures.
  • Supporting the SBPG Safety Awareness for Everyone (SAFE) process, by completing proactive safety conversations and documented safety audits and inspections (such as those involving dropped object control).
  • Safety attendants working with Sutton Bridge Management Team to ensure site safety procedures are adhered to all times


Shaun Lyons, Operations Director, HFR Solutions, commented: “We were focused on not just delivering the reactive rescue response requirements, but also providing proactive measures including positive safety conversations to drive the safety culture as well as undertaking daily site safety audits.

Our ability to mobilise a highly experienced team of standby responders at short notice highlights our capability to deliver agile and effectively resourced response team solutions”.

Peter Rush, HSE Manager, SBPG comments “The provision of emergency response specialists was obviously critical to the SBPG team and after initial challenges, HFR Solutions delivered this support, along with the competency, experience and practical expertise to challenge varying aspects of our site’s safety. This proved to be invaluable!”   


The successful completion of the 2020 Sutton Bridge Power Station Outage, was unfortunately cast into doubt, due to the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Under normal circumstances, a Power Station Outage demands an effective collaboration between all personnel working on the site, as well as a high level of flexibility, allowing teams to plan and adapt to changing scopes of work.

By deploying HFR Solutions to deliver their emergency response and assist in managing their Outage safety SBPG could provide tangible evidence that high levels of safety were maintained.